Race Route

The route follows a Clockwise circular route up the left hand side of the valley, before turning right and a short sharp climb to the summit of Slieve Meelbeg in the Mournes, meaning Little Bald Mountain – ironic as the ‘little one’ is a few metres taller than the big one!

Here is a video from the course used as a local race in reverse.

As you can see from the maps below, the U17 and U20 course will use this first bit of their race as the descent – regarded by many as one of the best downhill runs in the Mournes – you will love it!

U17 & U20 Course – 4 km 393m ascent

– as you will see in the link, the course doesn’t climb Meelmore to the left, but rather starts at the red banner and heads up the valley to the Col, before summiting Meelbeg on the right and then running down the ridge to the finish.

Course map – https://my.viewranger.com/route/details/NDA4MjA4MQ%3D%3D

NOTE – we decided that the U20 course was too steep, so both the U17 and U20 will now run the same course.