About the NIMRA Championship and Membership

by Anne Sandford

The NIMRA Championship started on Saturday 12th March with a short category race.    To complete the Championship first and foremost you need to join NIMRA that costs £15.  The link to membership is on our website.  Once you are a member you will be entered into the Championship that consists of 9 races that is 3 short, 3 medium and 3 long.  You must complete one in each category and then two others of your choosing.  Your best 5 results will be counted towards your overall placing in the championship.  

Podium4Sport sponsors the Championship with a generous prize fund. There are also team prizes and trophies for most category winners.

What benefits do you get from being a NIMRA member? You become eligible to take part in the Championship. You receive 15% discount in Podium4Sport and Cotswold Outdoor shops. You are updated by email of any relevant news on races and other interesting articles.

If you complete all 9 races in the Championship you will receive a NIMRA hoodie and if you complete the necessary 5 races you will be awarded a prize and a certificate.

Please go to “ Contact Us “ on our web site if you have any queries.

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