Denise Mathers Completes Bob Graham Round and Annalong Horseshoe

Bob Graham Round

This weekend Denise Matthers completed the Bob Graham Round in 23.47 hours. Apparently the weather was horrendous which makes this great achievement even greater.

A few NIMRA members went over to act as part of the support team on various legs including Hazel McLaughlin, Mary Mackin, Willie Marks and Dale Matthers. Denise is the fourth person from NI to complete the round and the first lady.

NIMRA Championship Round 3: Annalong Horseshoe

The Annalong Horseshoe race took place on Saturday.  It was won by Jonny Steede and Diane Wilson.  You can read the report on the BARF site.

Now that 3 races in the NIMRA championship have taken place we will tally the current standings and get them up on the website.

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