International Team Selection

You are reminded that we are selecting for the following teams – probably on Monday, 23rd June. If interested in being considered please contact a member of the committee before that date (I suggest Ricky, Anne or Ian as Mike is still away)

Snowdon International, 19 July
Llanberis, Wales
Fast 9+ mile course over reasonably good path – apart from a short scree sceyion, there is no technical section. More race information here.

Teams of 4 Senior Men and 3 Senior Women will be selected to represent Northern Ireland. These will be based on current form, up to 22nd June.

WMRA Long Distance Challenge, 16 Aug
Pikes Peak (uphill only), Manitou Springs, USA

The Team will be up to 5 men and 5 women. Interested athletes should let us know of relevant performances over longer distances.

As this event is expected to become a Championship race in 2015, with a Br Athletics team, this is expected to be the last opportunity we can send a NI team.

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