NIMRA Dennis Rankin Round Attempt Details

Saturday 21st May 2016, NIMRA group attempt at Denis Rankin Round

Live Tracking

You can track the round live here


Further NIMRA runners to attempt the full round at 23 hr pace are welcome.

Meelbeg Cottage at Happy Vale – 30 Moyad Rd, BT34 5L J will be available for use by all participants and support with plenty of parking. Please don’t disturb guests in larger Bearnagh Cottage.

Complete round runners: Ronnie Douglas, Phil Hodge, William Marks, Dale Mathers, Mervyn McCollan, Martin Mullan, Gerry Kingston, Stephen O’Neil, Mary Quinn, Michael Englishby, Alan Shealy, Jackie Toal, Donal O’Kane. Additional runners capable of the 23hr pace welcome.

Support Logistics Team: Violet Linton, Dawson Stelfox, Jim Brown, Susan Lambe, Peter McClenaghan, Pauline O’Hara, Terry McQueen, Alison McQueen, Ian Taylor
Support Runners will be coordinated by Gareth McKeown on the day see list below

Schedule: Times below based on 23 hr pace. For sections 3-5 it would be great if there are 4 or 5 support runners to enable the group to split into a faster and slower group. The Nimra radios will help coordinate teams on the day.

2.15am Section 1 runners may park at Happy buy zovirax online Vale
Start 3am Slieve Donard Park. Runners leave food etc in vehicles of logistics support team. Include a flask with your name and coffee/tea request if you want that at each refreshment location.

Section 1 –Newcastle to Silent Valley (23km / 2070m) start 3.00am, arrive 8.30am, duration 5h30m
Refreshments at Silent valley beside small toilet block
Support Runners (2 needed): Dave Evans, Andreas Kusch

Section 2 Silent Valley to Deer’s Meadow (15km / 1060m) estimate 3hrs 40m start 8.40am, arrive 12.20pm
Support Runners (2) Dave Evans, David Buchanan, Mark King, Dominic McInerney, Andreas Kusch
Hot food delivery to Deers Meadow?
Group to be met by Madeline Rankin at Deers Meadow

3 Deer’s Meadow to Sl Martin col estimate 3hrs 45m start 12.30pm arrive 4.20pm
Support Runners (4)…Robie Evans, Richard Gibson, Mark King, Dominic McInerney

4 Sl Martin to Spelga estimate 4hrs 45m start 4.30pm arrive 9.15pm
Support Runners(4) Gareth McKeown, Trevor Wilson, Desi O’Hagan, Justin Maxwell

5 Spelga To Newcastle estimate 5hrs start 9.30pm arrive 2.30am
Total time 23hrs 30m
Support Runners (5) Clive Coffey, Helen & Stephen Cassidy, Justin Maxwell

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