Podium4Sport Championship Updates

Current Standings

Well kids we are three races into the Podium4Sport NIMRA championship and so far it is looking good for Lynch and O’Kane. Diane Wilson has returned to the scene so Shileen will have to work hard to keep her ranking and I have cut down to only three biscuits after my dinner so Seamus better watch.

For the rest of you Samuel Herron has been beavering away in between all those training miles to tally the points and you can now see you compare:

NIMRA Championship Ladies (3 races)

NIMRA Championship Mens (3 races)

NIMRA Championship Team (3 races)

Next Up – Loughshannagh

This Thursday the Hill and Dales Queen stage takes place over the LoughShannagh Horseshoe. This also counts as a short race in the NIMRA Champs. A firm favourite in the Bell house I can’t recommend this race enough.

Expect plenty more of that this year at Loughshannagh

Expect plenty more of that this year at Loughshannagh

The route will be ANTI-CLOCKWISE this year. That is Carn, Doan, and Loughshannagh before the almighty muddy run to the finish.

Remember this is a proper excursion into the mountains so full body cover will be required. There will be a kit inspection so make sure you are prepared. See you all then.

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