The Mournes: Wall Conservation Updates and Dogs In The Hills

The Mourne Wall

For updates on the ongoing conservation effort please see attached.

Dogs in the hills

Also, there’s been a few recent incidents where walkers have reported seeing people letting dogs run free and worrying sheep in the High Mournes (and other upland sites), so just as an update:

The issue of dogs worrying or attacking sheep is still a major issue with farmers, particularly in busy recreational areas. However, where warning signage has been erected at key hot spots such as Trassey Track and Bloody Bridge, there has been a noticed improvement.

If anyone sees dogs attacking sheep they should immediately inform the Co Down Dog Warden on 0300 013 2233.
They can also inform the Trust so it can help monitor the situation:
028 4372 4059

Also, the Trust would like to reiterate the importance of being extremely careful with dogs where they are permitted. This includes keeping them on a lead where stated.


There are cows with calves grazing in and around the Bloody Bridge trails. They were blocking the path of Kramer dog and I yesterday. You might want to take care in the area if walking / running with a dog – see here for some tips.

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