Turkey Trot Swim

The Turkey Trotters had to contend with a grizzly Boxing Day as low cloud, rain and strong winds made for difficult conditions on the hills. The shorter course had to be used for safety reasons with an out and back route to the Hares Gap via the Trassey Track and Tollymore forest paths.

Seventy-Two hardy souls turned up, including last year’s winner Seamus Lynch keen to retain the Martin Mc Mahon Trophy, Paul Pruzina looking to win it for a second time, and Eoin Lennon, who improves every year looking for a first win. Megan Wilson looked like the likely winner of the ladies’ race but there were a few with other ideas.

At this stage, I should mention all the marshals and helpers who volunteered for an uncomfortable couple of hours work in rather hostile conditions. If it wasn’t for their good-natured determination and support on a bad day this event couldn’t happen.

The pace was as fast as ever through the forest and the climb up the Trassey track turned out to be more entertaining than usual with a torrent of water flowing along it at one point and knee depth river crossings at other points. Higher up the glen, the water poured out of every fisher in the ground and the climb to the Hares gap was slippery and mucky.

Eoin Lennon had established a short lead over Seamus Lynch with Paul Pruzina just behind. There was a bit of a gap to the next group which included Andrew Tees, Adam Cunningham and a former winner and now vet 50 speed machine Neil Carty. Megan was leading the ladies but Lisburns Karen Wilton was not far behind.

The run down from the Hares gap was treacherous and resulted in a few cuts and gashes and the rough Trassey Track tripped up a few but before long everybody was making their way through the foaming leg washes of the overflowing rivers which resulted in the greatest array of shiny white legs with goosebumps that I have ever seen at a finish line. What was I reminded of? Ah yes..Turkeys!

Eoin held onto his lead and claimed the Turkey Trot title for the first time just ten seconds ahead of Seamus with Paul a further fifty seconds adrift.  Fastest vet in  7th place overall was nifty fifty-plus Neil Carty and Megan Wilson won the ladies’ title with a couple of minutes to spare over Karen Wilton and Karalee Mc Bride.

Megan Wilson claiming the ladies title

The prize-giving was held in the Outdoor centre where everybody enjoyed the food provided by Barf club members and the generous selection of prizes were distributed. Paddy Mallon entertained with his spot prize quiz then it was time to tidy up and wish all a happy new year and good running until the Turkeys gather again next year for whatever the elements the season decides to administer.

Report by Jim Brown.

The final results are below and photos can be found here and here.

NameCategoryClubTo Hares GapFrom Hares GapRace Time
Eoin LennonMSENCarnethy00:29:0200:21:3500:50:37
Seamus LynchMSENNewcastle AC00:30:1400:21:1500:51:29
Paul PruzinaMSENLVO00:30:0700:21:3000:51:37
Andrew TeesMSENOrangegrove AC00:33:3500:24:3300:58:08
Adam CunninghamMSENMourne Runners00:33:3900:25:1700:58:56
Stephen ShieldsMSENUnattached00:34:1700:25:3200:59:49
Neil CartyMV50North Belfast Harriers00:34:1100:26:5101:01:02
Keith JohnstonMSENArmagh AC00:36:5300:24:4601:01:39
Michael StephensMSENLisburn Tri00:36:2400:25:4401:02:08
Barry MullanMV40Springwell00:36:3700:26:2701:03:04
Colin ArmstrongMSENDromore AC00:37:0800:26:0601:03:14
Andrew ElwoodMU21Dromore AC00:36:4700:26:3101:03:18
Rory MulvaneyMSENNewry AC00:37:1200:26:2401:03:36
Gary McEvoyMSENNewcastle AC00:38:3000:25:1801:03:48
Dale MathersMV55Mourne Runners00:36:5900:26:5901:03:58
Sam HerronMSENMourne Runners00:37:3400:26:3301:04:07
Megan WilsonFSENDark Peak00:37:5900:27:0301:05:02
Ronan Davison-KernanMSENBARF00:37:5800:27:4401:05:42
Karen WiltonFV45Jog Lisburn00:39:0400:27:5101:06:55
Pete GrantMV50Newcastle AC00:40:0300:27:3001:07:33
Karalee McBrideFV40Mourne Runners00:38:5400:28:5501:07:49
Niall GibneyMV40East Down AC00:39:5300:28:1701:08:10
David HicksMSENNewcastle AC00:40:2100:28:4501:09:06
Maurice McCartanMV40IMRA00:40:4700:30:1501:11:02
Jonathan HobsonMV40Physio & Co00:40:5300:30:3101:11:24
Michael O'RourkeMV40IMRA00:42:4100:30:0301:12:44
Luke TarryMSENUnattached00:42:2600:30:4601:13:12
Jamie ThinMV50Hunters Bog Trotters00:42:1500:31:3901:13:54
Alan RichardsonMV40Unattached00:41:1800:33:0101:14:19
Richard CowanMV40Unattached00:42:5900:32:0001:14:59
Paul ConwayMV40Unattached00:43:4000:32:0301:15:43
Shileen O'KaneFV50Lagan Valley AC00:42:3400:33:2301:15:57
Stephen PaulinMSENUnattached00:42:5400:33:0701:16:01
Ciaran McAleenanMV55Mourne Runners00:45:0600:31:2001:16:26
David bellMV55Mourne Runners00:43:4300:32:4901:16:32
Lynne SpenceFSENMourne Runners00:43:2500:33:4801:17:13
Trevor WilsonMV55BARF00:44:4600:32:4701:17:33
Andrew ToppingMV55Unattached00:43:5000:34:1201:18:02
Peter McGuckinMV65Lunchtime Legends00:44:1700:34:2301:18:40
Aine McNeillFV50Dromore AC00:44:2200:34:4201:19:04
Stephen BickerstaffMV60Unattached00:44:5300:34:1201:19:05
Jack ProctorMSENUnattached00:47:1600:32:5901:20:15
Blair NangleMSENUnattached00:49:2000:31:5901:21:19
Shirley FarnanMV50Physio & Co00:47:0600:34:5201:21:58
Helen PruzinaFSENLVO00:47:5900:34:0901:22:08
Clive CoffeyMV55Physio & Co00:43:3300:39:1001:22:43
Alan BeattyMV55Unattached00:47:5400:35:4501:23:39
David GlassMV55Unattached00:47:2900:36:3601:24:05
Michael CultraMV40Unattached00:46:5100:37:2901:24:20
Nicola McIntyreFV45Jog Moira00:47:1900:37:0901:24:28
Peter McClenaghanMV55BARF00:49:3200:36:2201:25:54
Wayne StoreyMV45Unattached00:50:3400:36:2001:26:54
Ciara RyanFV40Derrytresk00:49:0900:38:0801:27:17
Andy BridgeMV55BARF00:49:3000:38:1301:27:43
Andrew CarsonMSENUnattached00:47:4300:40:1101:27:54
Sean TanuvasaMSENUnattached00:49:1300:38:4801:28:01
John SintonMV60Runwell00:49:0100:39:1201:28:13
Lesley YoungFSENLisburn Tri00:49:4600:38:3401:28:20
Andrew SimpsonMV55Monifieth Triathlon00:50:1500:38:4901:29:04
Una MegoranFV40Murlough AC00:52:0800:37:2301:29:31
David FulcherMV60Murlough AC00:50:0700:39:2601:29:33
Sharon DickensonFV40Lagan Valley AC00:51:1900:39:1801:30:37
Denise MathersFV50Mourne Runners00:51:3100:39:3201:31:03
Sharon SimpsonFSENOxford Triathlon00:52:1400:43:1901:35:33
Deirdre RyanFV45Derrytresk00:52:4300:45:3401:38:17
John McGreevyMV40Unattached00:54:5700:46:0501:41:02
Liam SmythMV45Murlough AC00:54:3100:46:3101:41:02
Paul SheridanMV45Unattached00:54:1700:48:5101:43:08
Ricky CowanMV70Mourne Runners01:01:5800:42:3801:44:36
Catherine SheridanFV40Unattached00:56:1200:52:2801:48:40
Kevin ComiskeyMV65Unattached00:57:3400:51:3001:49:04
John ComsikeyMSENUnattached00:56:3500:52:4101:49:16

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