2013 Setanta Rogaine Ireland – 22-23rd June

The 16th Rogaine Ireland will take place on the weekend of June 22/23rd 2013. See details on http://www.setantaorienteers.org/content/rogaine

A Rogaine is a mountain navigation race, where you locate as many controls in the mountains as you can, in the allocated time period (6 or 24 hours). When doing the 24 hour event you can come back to the hash house for some food and a few hours sleep in your tent. The hardier competitors will stay out all night and will bivvy for a bit under a bush although some keep going without any sleep. The 6 hour buy vardenafil levitra would be a good event for those of you new to Rogaines and long events who want to practice your skills!

Whichever event you choose, it will be a challenge, a test of navigational skills and hopefully a good day out in the hills!

We have both a 6 hour (On Sunday from 8am to 2pm) and a 24 hour event (Sat 2pm to Sun 2pm) and we are allowing individual entries to the 6 hour event. So you can enter one of the 3 following categories:

6 Hour Individual
6 Hour Team
24 Hour Team

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