Carncastle Classic – Final Instructions

Round 5 of the NIMRA Champs takes place this Saturday June 1st. Online entry is open until Thursday at 9pm. The organisers would appreciate it if you can enter in advance. Enter here.



TO ALL PARTICIPANTS – please read these instructions fully before race day.

VENUE: Ballygally Beach, Ballygally.

Registration and number collection will be at Ballygally community hall, opposite the beach. The hall is above the ‘Spar’ shop and parking is available at the venue. Participants, marshals and spectators are asked to leave the front of the car park (adjacent to the Coast Road) for shop customers. Entry to the complex is available from 9:30am. Please note that registration will close at 10:40am.


Public toilets (in the car park) and facilities within the community hall are available for use by race participants.


Participants will be issued with their race number, timing device and go through the kit check. 

On the day registration will be available for the sum of £11 for registered athletes, £13 for unregistered athletes. 

Please bring your safety kit to the registration for the kit check. Once each participant has passed the kit check, they will be permitted to clear and check their timing dibber. 


All competitors must carry the following;

-Map of the entire race route
-Waterproof jacket with integral hood, with taped seams (windproof not acceptable)
-Waterproof trousers with taped seams ( windproof not acceptable)
-Hat and gloves (buff acceptable)
-Emergency food, equivalent to one chocolate bar. This food must still be in your kit at the end of the race, unless you have had an emergency.
-Foil blanket

This list is a minimum requirement. Participants will not be permitted to start the race should their presented kit not meet the above standards. Weather conditions may dictate that additional kit may be required, an additional warm layer, a mobile phone (recommended) for example. Participants should ensure that all possible required kit is brought to the race as weather conditions can change rapidly.

Random kit checks may take place at any stage of the race, including the finish. Anyone found without the relevant kit will be disqualified.

Participants are advised to carry as much food and water as they think is necessary to be able to safely complete the race. There are no water sources on the route. If weather conditions are particularly warm, 5 litre containers of water will be available at CP4 (Linford Car Park), however, the participant will be required to have their own cup/bottle and manage this themselves. Marshals will not provide cups.


The course will be as below and as previously advertised.

Start – Ballygally Beach. Initial road section will be marshalled.

CP1   339 063   (Knockdhu Summit gate)

CP2   341 061    (Lower Gateway)

CP3   344 048   (Fence corner – turning point)

CP4   333 073    (Linford Carpark)

CP5   337 090    (Scawt Hill summit)

CP6   355 084    (Drumnegreagh Road junction)

Finish – Ballygally Beach.

The route is predominantly unmarked, however some orange marker flags and red/white tape will be used in various sections to ensure participation do not trespass and for safety reasons (e.g cliff edge after CP1 and safe descent off Scawt). Flags will also guide runners to a specific fence crossing point shortly after CP5. 

A control box will be located at each checkpoint location and participants must register their timing chip at each control box. Any missed Checkpoint’s will most likely result in disqualification.


There are no roads closed for this event. Participants must give way to traffic at road crossings and abide by the Highway Code at all times whilst on the public highway.

The mountain terrain crossed by the race is potentially dangerous, particularly in poor weather conditions. Participants are reminded that they are responsible for their own safety during the race and map reading skills and competent compass use are important. 


A ‘Sweeper’ Marshal will follow the race route at the back of the field until the Finish.

All check points have a first aid kit, as will the Sweeper Marshal and there is first aid at the finish. 

Participants must always obey marshals instructions. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

To all participants, please help any runner in need.


There is a cut-off time of 12:45pm at Linford Car Park (CP4).

All participants arriving at the checkpoint after this time will be instructed to retire from the race. Participants who retire from the race must return to the start/finish area to report to the race officials.

Those who retire due to injury, illness or exhaustion are required to accompany the marshals to Ballygally Hall.


9:30am                Race Registration opens.
10:40am              Race Registration closes.
10:50am              Race Briefing at the start location (compulsory).
11:00am               Race Starts.
14:30-15:00pm  Prize Presentation.

East Coast Athletic Club will provide post race refreshments to all race participants. The refreshments will be served at Ballygally Community Hall from 12:30pm.


Thank you to the NIMRA committee for selecting this race as a counter in their Championship for 2019 and for their continued support to the organisers.

Thanks also to those who assisted East Coast Athletic Club in gaining permission for use of the land involved and to the local landowners themselves, without their enthusiasm this event could not take place.

Thank you to Todd’s Spar Ballygally for generously providing water and to the always supportive members of East Coast AC for marshalling and providing refreshments.

Finally, all East Coast AC events promote a  ‘leave no trace’ policy, please take all of your litter home and recycle it where possible.

Thank you

East Coast Athletic Club

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