Information regarding IMRA race entries

At the IMRA committee meeting this week regarding race entry for NIMRA runners and the following points were agreed:

Effective immediately, any current NIMRA member can request an IMRA number free of charge by emailing the IMRA Results and Records Secretary, Karen Devenney, providing his/her NIMRA number and date of birth (so that they can be differentiated in the database when assigning an IMRA number).  The relevant email address is  and cc in

This means that NIMRA members who have not yet raced in 2016 can take part in any of the remaining races without paying a registration fee, in recognition of the reciprocal keflex generic drug arrangements between NIMRA and IMRA.

In order to ensure fairness, IMRA will provide a refund to anyone who is a NIMRA member in 2016 and who already paid an IMRA registration fee.  Any such NIMRA members should please contact the IMRA treasurer to request the refund, Fiona Sheerin and cc in

In respect of the 2017 and later seasons, NIMRA members can request IMRA race numbers by emailing the Committee as described above, from any time after they are assigned their NIMRA numbers. Please give at least a weeks notice so we can set this up on our system.

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