Lynch and Wilson take victory at Turkey Trot

With Christmas Day behind everyone and the turkey and ham devoured the time had come to burn off those calories so there would be room for round two of the eating. This year the Barf stalwarts had made a new course to make sure that the legs would be fully tested. The weather was kind on the runners and the spectators but the hills didnt get and easier.

Jim Brown gave the last minute instructions to the runners before setting them off for a 13km pain fest. It wasn’t long before a group of 5 runners containing Lynch, Pruzina, McGrady, Lennon and Stephens started to open a small gap from the rest. This would become quite a battle up the long drag out of Tollymore and the race would be decided on the descent back to the finish.

In the ladies race it was Megan Wilson from Dark Peaks and Shileen O’Kane who would push each other through out the race. Clearly neither had eaten enough turkey the day before as both made light work of the climb out of Tollymore to the mourne wall.

If the race doesn’t finish at Hare’s Gap and the descent to the finish is anything but easy and it would turn out to be the deciding point of quite a few runners races. There are many lines off hares gap and some can be particularly treacherous. Having seen a number of people with new war wounds and stories of how they decided to roll down the descent instead of running it.

Seamus Lynch on the final climb

On this descent from Hares Gap the five leading men would become narrowed down to Seamus Lynch from Newcastle AC and Eoin Lennon from Carnethy. Behind them the other 3 would battle over the last podium place. The race has a final sting to the tale with the legs sore from the descent and fast moving forest trails you get to turn up the final 400m climb to the finish. Seamus had made a small but significant gap before hitting the last climb and with one last effort he would dig in to hold off Eoin Lennon by a mere 18 seconds to take the victory. The last podium spot was snatched by a fast finishing Aaron McGrady from East Down.

The ladies race would be decided on the final descent as Megan Wilson would pull away from Shileen so that she could at least enjoy her finish. Aisling Allum from Carnethy would complete the podium having held of Bernadette O’Kane from Dub Runners right to the finish line.

Megan Wilson from Dark Peak on her way to victory

With all 94 runners back safely at teh Tollymore Mountain Center it was time to fill up on Mince Pies/Mulled Wine and a few sandwiches. Many Thanks go out to Jim Brown and his BARF helpers who like every year make it a great festive event. Next up will be the Christmas Cracker on Saturday and then the New Year where the Race around the Glens will no doubt see many a Nimra members test themselves. The NIMRA membership for 2019 will open this week so get signed up ready for another fun and competitive year of fell running.

Photos can be found here on Flickr or here on Facebook

The results are below:

1Seamus LynchMNewcastle AC*00:31:4400:54:23
2Eoin LennonMCarnethy*00:31:0500:54:41
3Aaron McGradyMEast Down AC*00:32:0000:56:24
4Paul PruzinaMCUH&H00:32:3900:56:43
5Mark StephensMNewcastle AC*00:33:1200:57:11
6Shane BoyceMUnattached00:36:5301:03:34
7Pete GrantMV50Newcastle AC*00:37:5501:04:40
8Barry MullanMV40Springwell*00:37:1201:04:54
9Sam HerronMMourne Runners*00:37:4601:05:11
10Billy ReedMV50East Antrim*00:37:1501:05:13
11Dale MathersMV55Mourne Runners*00:37:2601:05:52
12Sean RussellMNewcastle AC*00:38:1001:06:03
13Bob JohnstonMV45Dark Peak Fell Runners00:37:1001:06:25
14Shane JordanMNorth East Runners00:39:2701:08:01
15Gary McEvoyMNewcastle AC*00:40:5601:08:18
16Alistair HaddowMV55Unattached00:39:0601:08:23
17Keith JohnstonMLVO00:39:5701:08:33
18Megan WilsonFDark Peak Fell Runners00:39:2501:08:39
19William ShieldsMMourne Runners*00:40:3001:09:44
20Dominic McGreevyMV60Newcastle AC*00:40:5301:10:19
21Stephen GrahamMNewcastle AC*00:40:1201:10:26
22Michael McAuleyMV40Mallusk Harriers*00:41:3701:10:42
23Shileen O'KaneFV50Lagan Valley AC*00:39:5501:11:05
24Steven ShieldsMUnattached00:41:4601:11:35
25Robert JonesMSaddleworth Runners00:41:4401:11:46
26Colm McGarryMBelfast Running Club00:42:0401:12:27
27Michael StephensMUnattached00:43:0401:12:53
28Niall GibneyM40East Down AC*00:41:4101:12:55
29Gareth KingMTeam Runwell00:42:0101:13:41
30Owen BradyMV40Newcastle AC*00:43:3301:13:55
31Clive CoffeyMV50Physio & Co00:43:2901:14:50
32Aisling AllumFCarnethy*00:41:0801:15:11
33Ronan Davison-KernanMBARF*00:43:5501:15:33
34Grant HarrisMUnattached00:44:0201:16:09
35Bernadette O'KaneFDub Runners*00:45:0101:16:30
36Alan RichardsonMV40Unattached00:43:1501:16:58
37Colm KellyMV40BARF*00:44:1801:17:12
38Paul MantonMV40North Belfast*00:44:5301:17:20
39Paddy MallonMV50BARF*00:45:3601:17:32
40Kieran McShaneMMurlough AC*00:45:2301:17:42
41Ciaran McAleenanMV55Mourne Runners*00:46:2301:18:38
42Graeme PotterMRiada00:44:5601:18:43
43Ivan MillarMV45Unattached00:46:1801:18:59
44Moire O'SullivanFV40NIMRA*00:45:1601:19:09
45Kieran McNamaraMScrabo Striders*00:47:1201:20:44
46David BellMV55Mourne Runners*00:46:0601:21:14
47Daisy McClementsFStubbington green00:44:3901:21:40
48Aine McNeillFV50Dromore AC*00:46:2001:21:45
49Robbie CoburnMUnattached00:48:1501:21:50
50Catherine McIntoshFV40Newcastle AC*00:47:0601:22:01
51Stephanie PruzinaFV50BARF*00:47:0901:22:08
52Seam ArmstrongMV50Murlough AC*00:45:4101:22:28
53Helen PruzinaFUnattached00:49:0301:23:02
54Rachy SinnamonFUnattached00:49:0301:23:18
55Stephen Thomas SmythMV40City of Lisburn AC00:46:0201:24:02
56Thomas McClementsMStubbington Green00:49:2801:24:04
57Peter McClenaghanMV55BARF*00:48:1001:24:32
58Bronagh McInerneyFV45Newcastle AC*00:48:4301:25:25
59Nigel MartinMV50Scrabo Striders*00:50:2801:25:33
60Mary MackinFV60Dromore AC*00:48:0301:25:37
61Mickey SquiggleMV55Unattached00:49:3301:26:02
62Peter McGuckinMV65Lunch Time Legends00:48:1901:27:16
63Anne SandfordFV50Mourne Runners*00:48:5501:27:21
64Orla McElroyFV50NIMRA*00:50:0901:27:45
65Angela CarlinFUnattached00:49:2401:27:55
66Andrew McGibbonMV50BARF*00:50:3601:28:02
67Ciaran HunterMV50Beech Mount00:47:3101:28:08
68Jonathan DavisMJog Lisburn00:48:2401:28:36
69Stephen McCulloughMJog Lisburn00:48:2601:28:40
70Andy BridgeMV55BARF*00:49:5801:29:07
71David GlassMV55Unattached00:50:0801:29:15
72Ian McCrackenMV55Newcastle AC*00:52:0501:29:42
73Denise MathersFV50Mourne Runners*00:51:0401:30:32
74Seamus WhiteMV55Newcastle AC*00:53:1601:30:42
75Stephen StewartMV50Ballydrain Harriers*00:52:4401:31:38
76Kathleen MonteverdeFV55BARF*00:51:1201:32:26
77John SintonMV60Team Runwell00:50:5701:32:51
78Janice ReidFV55Dromore AC*00:49:5101:33:20
79Ricky CowanMV65Mourne Runners*00:56:0801:35:56
80Peter MagowanMBARF*00:52:3901:35:59
81Peter NesbittMV55Oswestry Olympians00:56:1501:36:14
82Dave FulcherMV60Murlough AC*00:51:4001:36:32
83Gordon GlennMV45North Belfast*00:55:2901:37:28
84Kathryn AikenFV40Dromore AC*00:54:3201:37:35
85Fred HamondMV65BARF*00:50:3301:37:47
86Sharon DickensonFV40Lagan Valley AC*00:55:5601:37:58
87Blair NangleMUnattached00:56:3401:38:10
88Paul BrackenMV40Jog Moira00:56:5401:46:56
89Charlie McQuillanMJog Moira00:56:4601:46:58
90Anthony CowanMV40Unattached00:57:1001:47:02
91Conor O'NeillMUnattached00:56:5701:54:55
92Allison IrwinFV40Jog Moira00:59:1201:56:07
93Ian TaylorMV70BARF*01:03:4501:57:16
94Brendan O'NeillMUnattached00:57:2602:02:04

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