NIMRA AGM – 27 Jan 2014 – All Welcome

by Ian Taylor

This will take place on Monday, 27th January at 7:30 pm in the Foyer of the Market House, Ballynahinch

We used to hold our general meeting in October but have moved it to early in the new year to facilitate up to date accounts. We also discuss how the past year has gone in terms of events, development of the sport, team performance and membership. The meeting is open to suggestions from members on future activities and developments. For example access to mountain country is increasingly an issue for organised events. Safety for athletes is also on the mind of race organisers, bearing in mind revised FRA safety guidelines. We may also discuss which events we hope to send teams to.

At the special general meeting last October we replaced the Championship & Grand Prix for 2014 by a five out of nine series.

At the AGM the new committee is elected for the coming year. All offices are open for new people including:
Administrative Secretary
Social Secretary
Team Co-ordination
Plus three or more ordinary members to make the committee up to a maximum of 15.
We also have positions for
Equipment officer, Press Officer, Web Development and Membership, currently filled by members outside the committee or by committee members holdiung another position. The position of junior development officer is currently vacant.
If interested you can be nominated or volunteer yourself for one of the posts – see attached file for more details. Unlike some previous years there are likely to be considerable changes in the new committee – now is your opportunity to contribute your experience and expertise.

To regularise holding an AGM in January or February in future I include the following resolution to the AGM:
Present 7(a)
(a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held within three months of the final Championship race in each calendar year.
Change to
(a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held within two months of the end of the Association’s financial year.
See attached 2010 version of the constitution. This change will allow us to hold the AGM in January or February, hopefully with more recent accounts than has been possible in the past.

Note that this email has gone to everyone on my membership email list for 2012-13. Anyone can attend the AGM but only 2013 members can vote.

Printed calendars for 2014 are being prepared. In the meantime the main races are now on the 2014 section of the web site. Also the online system for payment of membership fees for 2014 is now live.

Best wishes for your running & racing in 2014.

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