Quare mucky morning on Gullion


It was a quare mucky morning on that Gullion mountain today; hardly a tarmaced road at the best of times, today it was butt deep in the muck for many. That said, I loved it.

Dash to the mud bath

Fifty Five well hard individuals gathered in the lashing rain to wait for the mass stampede up the hill. Those few brave enough to strip down to their vests in these conditions – and yes that was me – were rewarded moments before the race when the sun ‘came’ out and the temperature must have risen to a heady 6 degrees.

Sam looking surprisingly clean

From the gun The Steede tore off up the hill closely followed by David Hicks and the chasing pack.

The Steede

As the race progressed up the hill Colly Murtagh pulled a little away from the chasers. Like myself Colly ended up butt deep in the infamous Gullion swamp on the ascent. He still held on to round the cairn in third followed by myself, Maurice Harte, Pete Grant, Ricky Hanna, Gareth Boreland a couple of others.

Cycle cross girl wins it

The Steede easily won, followed by Mr Hicks and Mr Murtagh, for second and third respectively.

The end is in sight

In the ladies race Diane ‘cyclo cross’ Wilson ran a strong race to take her first podium of the season. Ciara Largey who has returned to these waters after a stint in Scotland took second followed by Mari Troeng in third.


Next week the fun moves to Glenariff for the first race in the Podium4Sport NIMRA Championship. You must be a NIMRA member to score points so get signed up now. The Steede promises the best ever post race spread so don’t miss it.

The Gullion Spa is open for business

Thanks to Armagh AC for hosting another great race.

Stay filthy.

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