Storm Hannah doesn’t stop Lamb or Roberts

After last years race where the mist/fog/clag meant that the runners wouldnt have the opportunity of seeing the majestical views of the Mourne Mountains. This year would be different – same set up just perfect weather…..unfortunately the person in charge of sorting the weather ordered it for the weekend before. But sure why dont you speak to our complaints manager Hannah.

Such hope on Friday that the forecast was always wrong and the storm would be well through before the start were dashed when we all woke up on Saturday morning and looked outside. With winds lashing the tops of the mountains at scary miles per hour it was quickly decided that the course could not be used so it was on to plan B. The Road Runners plan B would be cancel it and go for a warm coffee but these are mountain runners and they love a challenge. With a move to the wet weather course it was a rushed job for marshals to hurry out to mark the course and get the information out that there would only be one mountain to climb today.

Wet Weather Course – If only it was as easy as it looked

With the waves of rain and wind still beating down a hearty crowd of fell runners started at 12 Noon to complete this course. It is a fast start to get to the Granite Trail but it is a tight climb to get the legs going and isn’t any easier when there is a river running down it. By the Quarry, a select group had formed but the turn up the glen river the lead group would start to fracture. By the summit of Commedagh, Robert Jebb would dib in first closely followed by James Espie and Andrew Fallas. The time gaps to the rest were extremely close and the descenders would need to prove their worth if they were to get back in contention. In the ladies race, Rachel Parker would reach the top first followed by Sharon Taylor and Sara Willhoit. The descent off is quite technical, however, when you add the wind and rain to the mix it can be treacherous.

By the Bridge checkpoint it was clear that the fast descenders would be in the mix at the end. The tough and twisty cut through the forest before a fast flat finish wouldn’t suit everyone. In the mens race it would be neck and neck between Mark Lamb and James Espie as they came to the finish line but it was Mark Lamb who would take the win, James Espie in second and with the fastest descent time of the day on 19mins 51secs Joshua Jardine (last years winner) would take 3rd place to complete the podium.

Mark Lamb from Keswick AC taking the victory

The ladies race would see Kelli Roberts but in the fastest descent time of 22mins 46secs and snatch victory. Behind Megan Wilson was proving she is a mean descender sneaking into 2nd place just ahead of Rachel Parker who would hang on for third place by putting in a fast sprint to hold off Sharon Taylor.

Kelli Roberts taking the ladies win for Helm Hill

There were plenty of tales to tell once the runners had overcome the conditions and finally reached the finish line. Many thanks to our medical team for patching anyone who needed it. It is always difficult to gauge the conditions up on the hill but when one of the marshals’ radios down to tell you they can’t get over the style at the saddle due to the wind you know it’s going to be a tough day.

With the racing over and everyone safely back to registration, the buffet of food was laid on with soup/tea and or coffee to warm everyone up. We had an elite team of ladies that were ready to look after quite a few tired runners.

Ricky Cowan with the ladies who save lives after races

Considering that many races were cancelled we were delighted to put together a course that was both testing and enjoyable considering the challenging conditions. A big shout out goes to the marshals and helpers that were able to make this happen. Without them, there would be no race. Also many thanks to the top team of ladies in charge of delivering the food and drink at the end of the race which seemed to go down very well. We had one incident with a runner taking a serious tumble that required our very own Mountain Rescue Team to get him picked up and looked after. If you ever have a few quid you don’t know what to do with please think about donating to the MMRT – the link is here.

We had a few sponsors that we would like to thank for supporting us, first up was Whites & dale farm for providing the sign on goodies, HillTrekker for providing first local prizes, O’Hares for providing the dinner for two prize and finally the Hutt Hostel.

The results can be downloaded here with split times

The Team Results can be downloaded here

PosNameCategoryClubSummit TimeDescent TimeRaceTime
1Mark LambMKeswick AC00:43:0000:20:1701:03:17
2James EspieMDeeside Runners00:42:3100:20:5101:03:22
3Joshua JardineMU23Helm Hill Runners00:44:1500:19:5101:04:06
4Matthew RobertsMCalder Valley Fell Runners00:43:4100:20:5101:04:32
5Gareth Wyn HughesMMercia Fell RC00:44:3500:19:5801:04:33
6Andrew FallasMCarnethy Hill RC00:42:4600:22:0001:04:46
7Robert SimpsonMShettleston Harriers00:44:1900:20:2901:04:48
8Max WainwrightMU23Dark Peak Fell Runners Club00:45:1200:19:5701:05:09
9Rob JebbM40Helm Hill Runners00:42:2900:22:4901:05:18
10Calum TinnionMKeswick AC00:44:3700:20:4801:05:25
11Tom SavilleMDark Peak Fell Runners Club00:44:3100:22:1301:06:44
12Rhys Findlay-RobinsonMDark Peak Fell Runners Club00:44:3300:22:4001:07:13
13John BattrickMKeswick AC00:44:5600:22:5501:07:51
14Philip DaviesM50Borrowdale Fell Runners00:45:2700:22:3401:08:01
15Mark AddisonMHelm Hill Runners00:45:4900:22:3901:08:28
16Charlie IngMCalder Valley Fell Runners00:45:0100:23:3201:08:33
17Michael AinsworthMHelm Hill Runners00:45:2300:23:3001:08:53
18Huw DaviesMMercia Fell RC00:47:3500:21:2001:08:55
18Steven HebblethwaiteMKeswick AC00:45:3100:23:2401:08:55
20Harry GreenbankMU23Keswick AC00:46:1600:23:2301:09:39
21Sam SteadMKeswick AC00:46:4600:22:5401:09:40
22Richard RobertsM40Eryri Harriers00:47:0100:22:4401:09:45
23Jonathan ScottMMourne Runners00:47:0900:22:4201:09:51
24Dessie FlanaganM40Carnethy Hill RC00:46:2000:23:3301:09:53
25Charlie LowtherM40Eden Runners00:48:3400:21:2701:10:01
26Timothy JohnstonMMourne Runners00:48:1200:21:5201:10:04
27Iain WhitesideMCarnethy Hill RC00:47:5500:23:2201:11:17
28Owain Hunt WilliamsMEryri Harriers00:48:4600:22:3701:11:23
29Lova ChechikMDark Peak Fell Runners Club00:50:1300:21:1201:11:25
30Harry BoltonMU23Keswick AC00:47:2800:24:0201:11:30
31Jack AgnewMMercia Fell RC00:48:2400:23:2601:11:50
32Stuart CrutchfieldMLochaber AC00:48:1300:23:4201:11:55
33Shaun GodsmanM40Calder Valley Fell Runners00:48:2200:24:2701:12:49
34Oisin BrennanMU23Springwell RC00:48:5800:24:0901:13:07
35John ConnaghanM40Shettleston Harriers00:48:1800:24:5501:13:13
36Ben ProcterMHelm Hill Runners00:49:1800:24:0201:13:20
37Jon WrightM40Todmorden Harriers & AC00:50:2200:23:0001:13:22
38Kelli RobertsFHelm Hill Runners00:50:4100:22:4601:13:27
39Kieran HodgsonM40Helm Hill Runners00:48:4900:24:4301:13:32
40Emlyn OwenM40Eryri Harriers00:49:4700:24:1901:14:06
41Phil WinskillM40Keswick AC00:49:3400:24:4001:14:14
42Mark TaylorM40Calder Valley Fell Runners00:50:2800:23:5401:14:22
43Graeme BrownM40Todmorden Harriers & AC00:49:5400:24:3601:14:30
44David TaylorM50Dark Peak Fell Runners Club00:49:4200:24:5301:14:35
45James LogueM50Calder Valley Fell Runners00:50:0700:24:5701:15:04
46Megan WilsonFDark Peak Fell Runners Club00:51:1800:23:4901:15:07
47Craig FishwickMDark Peak Fell Runners Club00:49:3800:25:4301:15:21
48Stephen PykeM50Dark Peak Fell Runners Club00:51:3200:23:5101:15:23
49Rachel ParkerFMercia Fell RC00:49:4500:25:4101:15:26
50Gary McEvoyMNewcastle AC00:53:5500:21:3801:15:33
51Michael FanningM50Borrowdale Fell Runners00:50:4800:24:4701:15:35
52Sharon TaylorFHelm Hill Runners00:50:0200:25:3401:15:36
53James HaworthM40Keswick AC00:51:5000:24:0901:15:59
53Neil AndrewsMEast down ac00:51:4400:24:1501:15:59
55Joseph WallerMRossendale Harriers & AC00:51:0200:25:2101:16:23
56Jonathon MarksMCarnethy Hill RC00:52:2200:24:3501:16:57
56Christopher GoddardM40Todmorden Harriers & AC00:52:5300:24:0401:16:57
58Sara WillhoitFMercia Fell RC00:50:1800:26:5301:17:11
59Clive BaileyM40Mourne Runners00:53:1800:23:5501:17:13
60Rory MulvaneyMNewry AC00:53:3400:23:4901:17:23
61Sean RussellMNewcastle AC00:52:4100:24:5401:17:35
62James BaronM50Helm Hill Runners00:53:0400:24:4201:17:46
63Hannah RussellFU23Helm Hill Runners00:52:3000:25:2601:17:56
64William ShieldsMMourne Runners00:52:4800:25:1501:18:03
65Jack McKennaMU23Ballymena Runners AC00:50:1600:27:5201:18:08
66Martin Mikkelsen-BarronMBorrowdale Fell Runners00:45:3900:32:5501:18:34
67Helen BerryF40Holmfirth Harriers AC00:51:0700:27:3001:18:37
68Paul ReillyM40Helm Hill Runners00:54:1400:24:3101:18:45
69William ProcterM60Helm Hill Runners00:54:2300:24:2501:18:48
70Rod ScottM40Helm Hill Runners00:52:5500:25:5401:18:49
71Esther DicksonFNewry AC00:53:4600:25:2101:19:07
72Steve AngusM50Keswick AC00:53:3800:25:3301:19:11
73Mark RobertsM50Borrowdale Fell Runners00:48:2800:30:5501:19:23
74John BusbyMCarnethy Hill RC00:52:3500:26:5801:19:33
75Craig BurrowM40Helm Hill Runners00:54:1700:25:2701:19:44
76Rick StuartM50Helm Hill Runners00:52:5200:27:3801:20:30
77Neil McLureM50Carnegie Harriers00:53:0800:27:3401:20:42
78Graham SmythMUnattached00:53:1400:27:4501:20:59
79Niall BourkeMPudsey & Bramley AC00:55:3100:25:3001:21:01
80Richard HoughtonM50Pennine Fell Runners00:52:4900:28:1701:21:06
81Barry WilkinsonM50Borrowdale Fell Runners00:55:1000:26:0401:21:14
82Ivan HolroydM40Keswick AC00:54:0200:27:1401:21:16
83Jonathan MooreM50Eryri Harriers00:54:1900:27:0501:21:24
84Helen FallasFCarnethy Hill RC00:53:4200:27:5101:21:33
85Will NormandMCarnethy Hill RC00:54:2800:27:1201:21:40
86Joanna RycroftFHelm Hill Runners00:55:0500:26:5501:22:00
87Dale MathersM50Mourne Runners00:55:2200:26:4501:22:07
88Roger McCormickM40Unattached00:56:1100:25:5801:22:09
89Simon TitmussM40Carnethy Hill RC00:53:3100:28:4101:22:12
90Nick BarberM40Todmorden Harriers & AC00:55:3900:26:3801:22:17
91Sarah GrahamFMourne Runners00:54:5500:27:3101:22:26
92Rachel PillingFPudsey & Bramley AC00:55:3400:27:2901:23:03
93Jon TinmanM50Rossendale Harriers & AC00:55:2600:27:4001:23:06
94Steven ShieldsMUnattached00:56:4600:26:3301:23:19
95Russell OwenM60Eryri Harriers00:54:2100:29:1501:23:36
96Michael ReynoldsM50Mercia Fell RC00:57:2600:26:1101:23:37
97Tim OliverM50Pennine Fell Runners00:58:3500:25:2701:24:02
98Simon EntwisleM60Pennine Fell Runners00:58:2700:25:5101:24:18
99Steve JonesM40Keswick AC00:58:5700:25:3501:24:32
100Ronnie SmithM50Unattached00:56:5500:27:4401:24:39
101Gavin HyndsM40East Down AC00:55:5800:28:4501:24:43
102Rachel NormandFCarnethy Hill RC00:58:1800:26:3601:24:54
103David SolesM50Pennine Fell Runners00:56:0400:28:5101:24:55
104Neil HardimanM50Clayton le Moors Harriers00:58:1000:26:5801:25:08
105Zoe BarberFMercia Fell RC00:55:4300:29:3801:25:21
106Alan RitchieMBARF00:59:1500:26:1501:25:30
107Bianca DyerF40Helm Hill Runners00:57:0000:28:3201:25:32
108Michael MallenM60Keswick AC00:56:2900:29:1101:25:40
109Shileen O'KaneF50Lagan Valley AC00:56:3100:29:1301:25:44
110Mark AgnewM50Mercia Fell RC00:58:0800:27:4101:25:49
111?Ine McCannFNewcastle AC00:58:1600:27:4001:25:56
112Marcus PlettsM40Unattached00:58:2500:27:3501:26:00
112Paul ScullyM40Helm Hill Runners00:55:5500:30:0501:26:00
114Ian WarhurstM60Pennine Fell Runners00:58:3800:27:2401:26:02
115James TurnerM40Truro RC00:55:5200:30:1201:26:04
116Neil BurnettM50Carnethy Hill RC00:57:4200:28:3201:26:14
117Niall GibneyM40East Down AC00:58:4000:27:4501:26:25
118Declan ValtersMCarnethy Hill RC00:57:2000:29:3901:26:59
119Colin ShuttleworthM60Preston Harriers00:57:5300:29:1301:27:06
120Andrew WallaceM50Ballydrain Harriers01:00:5100:26:2801:27:19
121Jude JepsonF50Dark Peak Fell Runners Club00:57:2400:30:0501:27:29
122David DicksonM60Westerlands Cross Country Club00:59:2200:28:1501:27:37
123Tim LowryM40Ballymena Runners AC01:00:1800:27:2301:27:41
124Daniel LathamMBuxton & District AC01:00:5600:27:0701:28:03
125Bernadette O'KaneFDub Runners of Belfast01:02:0500:26:1501:28:20
126Paul TuckerM50Mynydd Du Mountain Runners01:00:3200:27:5001:28:22
127Jon MorganM50Dark Peak Fell Runners Club00:53:3600:35:0401:28:40
128Lee MurphyM40Carnethy Hill RC01:00:3500:28:1101:28:46
129Dave KeelingM50Cheshire Hill Racers01:00:2200:28:2801:28:50
130Karen WiltonF40Jog Lisburn Running Club00:58:5100:30:0101:28:52
131Tom McGaffM60Cheshire Hill Racers00:59:3500:29:1901:28:54
132Paul HobbsM40Todmorden Harriers & AC00:52:5900:36:1201:29:11
133Mark WeirM40North Down AC00:58:3100:30:5001:29:21
134Mike CooperM50Cheshire Hill Racers00:59:4200:29:4001:29:22
135Craig McCauleyM40Mourne Runners01:02:2700:27:0801:29:35
136Fiona Marley PatersonFHelm Hill Runners00:59:5200:29:4701:29:39
137Stephen SmithiesM50Calder Valley Fell Runners00:59:0400:31:0501:30:09
138Colin BrennanM50Springwell RC01:01:2900:29:1601:30:45
139Leslie MulhollandM50Dromore AC01:01:0900:29:4101:30:50
140Declan O'DuffyM60Bowland Fell Runners01:00:4700:30:3901:31:26
141Dave HarveyM50Pennine Fell Runners01:00:2700:31:0101:31:28
142James RileyM40Todmorden Harriers & AC01:01:3500:29:5901:31:34
143Stephen BurthemM50Warrington AC01:00:1200:31:4101:31:53
144Rob AndrewMRossendale Harriers & AC01:03:2500:29:0601:32:31
145William MillerMEryri Harriers01:03:0000:29:4201:32:42
146Jean BrownF50Clayton le Moors Harriers01:04:0000:28:4801:32:48
147Ben GrantM70Harrowgate RC01:01:4300:31:0701:32:50
148Vincent BoothM50Cheshire Hill Racers01:05:0600:27:5601:33:02
149Hugh SuffernM60Dromore AC01:02:4500:30:3001:33:15
150Mark DuganM50Ballydrain Harriers01:01:1800:32:0801:33:26
151Toby SydesM50Calder Valley Fell Runners01:05:5300:28:0401:33:57
152Gillian WassonF40Ballymena Runners AC01:00:0200:33:5901:34:01
153Claire DuffieldF40Todmorden Harriers & AC01:02:3200:31:3001:34:02
154Simon BoltonM50Unattached01:04:0200:30:3201:34:34
155Imogen TrinderFGlossopdale Harriers01:04:3800:30:0101:34:39
156Greg RimmerM50Dark Peak Fell Runners Club01:05:3700:29:3501:35:12
157Rebecca PatrickF40Todmorden Harriers & AC01:00:5800:34:1501:35:13
158Claire AspinallF40Pennine Fell Runners01:05:1800:30:0001:35:18
159Glen DaviesM60Mercia Fell RC01:05:0400:30:1901:35:23
160Adam NealeM40Cheshire Hill Racers01:02:1700:33:2201:35:39
161Sinead FlynnFNewcastle AC01:05:4600:29:5901:35:45
162Merwyn DonaldsonM60Mourne Runners01:04:0300:31:4501:35:48
163Conor O'MearaM40IMRA01:02:1300:33:5101:36:04
164Ali ChantM40Eryri Harriers01:04:5200:31:2101:36:13
165Graeme PotterMUnattached01:05:4100:30:5801:36:39
166Steve WathallM60Black Combe Runners01:07:1400:29:3501:36:49
167Richard VaseyM40East Coast AC01:05:3100:31:2001:36:51
168David BellM50Mourne Runners01:04:2300:32:3201:36:55
169Melanie BlackhurstF50Todmorden Harriers & AC01:05:2900:31:3301:37:02
170Paulette ThomsonF40Newcastle AC01:07:2700:30:3201:37:59
171Mike LynchM40Carnethy Hill RC01:03:2100:34:4701:38:08
172Marie RobsonF50Helm Hill Runners01:07:0000:31:1101:38:11
173Clarke BrowneM50Mourne Runners01:08:1200:30:1201:38:24
174Kate WorthingtonF40Eryri Harriers01:06:3400:32:0401:38:38
175Robert TaylorM60Pennine Fell Runners01:06:1400:32:3501:38:49
176Sean ArmstrongM50Murlough AC01:03:0500:35:4601:38:51
177Georgia StevensFU23Helm Hill Runners01:08:0600:30:5201:38:58
178David WhiteM40Helm Hill Runners01:04:2600:35:1601:39:42
179Kathleen AubreyF50Helm Hill Runners01:04:2800:35:1501:39:43
180Wilson McAlisterM50Jog Moira01:04:1900:35:3001:39:49
181Grace KelleherFDark Peak Fell Runners Club01:06:4900:33:3701:40:26
182Mark ElliottM40Ballydrain Harriers01:07:5000:33:0501:40:55
183Tracy BallingerFCarnethy Hill RC01:05:1200:35:5901:41:11
184Jimmy Mc FaddenM50Team Runwell01:07:2200:34:0401:41:26
185Aine McNeillF50Dromore AC01:08:0200:34:0801:42:10
186Stephen BickerstaffM50Unattached01:06:4400:36:2001:43:04
187Kate MansellF40Todmorden Harriers & AC01:04:1600:38:4901:43:05
188Anne SandfordF50Lagan Valley AC01:07:3700:35:4801:43:25
189Tania WilsonF50Buxton & District AC01:09:0400:35:0501:44:09
190William ImrieMUnattached01:08:1400:36:0201:44:16
191Jaclyn ArtistFEryri Harriers01:09:1800:35:1401:44:32
192Bronagh McInerneyF40Newcastle AC01:09:3200:35:1101:44:43
193Jean PowellF50Wharfedale Harriers01:10:2300:34:2601:44:49
194Linda RoganF50Newcastle AC01:09:5400:34:5701:44:51
195Mary MacKinF60Dromore AC01:10:3300:35:3401:46:07
196Ron ReesM60Pennine Fell Runners01:09:5100:36:3501:46:26
197Ciaran McAleenanM50Mourne Runners01:15:0200:31:3501:46:37
198Chris SchofieldM50Helm Hill Runners01:10:3800:36:1901:46:57
199Nick AndralojcM50Harrogate Harriers & AC01:10:1300:37:1201:47:25
200Andrew McGibbonM50BARF01:12:5500:34:3501:47:30
201Donna ClaridgeF50Dark Peak Fell Runners Club01:10:5800:36:3601:47:34
202Judy HowellsF40Wharfedale Harriers01:07:0300:40:5901:48:02
203William HoeyM50Dark Peak Fell Runners Club01:01:0000:47:1601:48:16
204Caroline HardingF40Pudsey & Bramley AC01:12:3100:36:4801:49:19
205Michael McLoughlinM60Preston Harriers01:14:4800:34:5201:49:40
206Andy WattsM60Cheshire Hill Racers01:10:0100:39:5401:49:55
207Kathleen MonteverdeF50BARF01:11:3600:39:1601:50:52
208Denise MathersF50Mourne Runners01:14:4600:36:1001:50:56
209Russell CannonM50Helm Hill Runners01:16:0500:35:0301:51:08
210Dave BradleyM50Rossendale Harriers & AC01:15:3500:35:5901:51:34
211Beverley TuckerF50Mynydd Du Mountain Runners01:13:2800:38:1601:51:44
212Claire GreenFPudsey & Bramley AC01:03:5200:48:0801:52:00
213Paddy HolohanM40Kilcoole AC01:10:3100:41:4101:52:12
214Denise TunstallF50Durham Fell Runners01:15:3700:36:3901:52:16
215Barbara SavageF50Clayton le Moors Harriers01:14:1300:38:1601:52:29
216Paul RowlandM60Pennine Fell Runners01:17:5100:34:5901:52:50
217Paul BrackenM40Jog Moira01:13:1200:40:3801:53:50
218Nicola McIntyreF40Jog Moira01:12:4000:41:1101:53:51
219Charlie McQuillanMJog Moira01:12:4400:41:0801:53:52
220Michael SnoddyM60Jog Moira01:16:2900:40:1601:56:45
221Patricia ShieldsF50Murlough AC01:15:4300:44:1401:59:57
222Bernadette JenningsF50Murlough AC01:17:4500:43:3402:01:19
223Kathryn Robinson GettyFJog Moira01:21:1900:44:0302:05:22
224Aisling MurrayFMurlough AC01:19:5600:46:4902:06:45
224Laura LynchFMurlough AC01:19:4900:46:5602:06:45
226Trevor CollinsM60Carnethy Hill RC01:21:0300:46:3502:07:38
227Adam PerryMHelm Hill Runners00:46:2701:23:2702:09:54
228Tony NellisM50Murlough AC01:26:1900:49:4002:15:59
229Regine CandauF50Murlough AC01:26:0000:50:1802:16:18
230Colm DevlinM50Murlough AC01:25:5200:50:2802:16:20
231Colette McBrideF50Murlough AC01:28:1000:54:3002:22:40
232Madalina McCreaF40Jog Moira01:29:0300:54:3902:23:42
233Eddie MurninMMurlough AC01:28:1001:00:5802:29:08
234Dylan GriffithsMRhedwyr Hebog Runners00:49:4001:43:4302:33:23

Photos can be found from these links:

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Facebook Link – Donard Wood downhill section by Jayne Bell

Facebook Link Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 – Finishers by Richard Cowan

Flickr Link – Finishers by Richard Cowan

Facebook Link / Flickr Link – Presentation Photos by Richard Cowan

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