A good day out was had by all at the senior home international which culminated in a bronze medal for our super ladies squad.

Young buck Tom was also spotted running for Newcastle AC and finished a fantastic 6th in a strong junior race. Some big boys in that junior section would make you question their birth certificate dates

Near perfect conditions of clag and rain befell us all and if you closed your eyes, you would have sworn you were on the hills of Antrim. Definitely a day you’d still have seen Richard Bell in his shades. Fast running was certain in this 2 lapped, runnable course of 10km and 700m of climb

It was lucky we hall all arrived in Sedbergh 90mins prior to the start because that was exactly how long it took U23 Jared Martin to walk the 1km to the start line. Strategically conserving energy with a pace so slow, we really didn’t think he was going to make it in time for the starting gun. You wouldn’t be asking young Jared to walk to the shops for a pint of milk for you, that’s for sure!

We were sent off with a short 3,2,1 and off we popped in the direction of part-time comedian part-time photographer of Wooden Tops who had just proclaimed how great it was that NI had sent an entirely all ladies squad this year…. Tim immediately tightened his sports bra at this jibe and went off like an animal out of the cage to take 1st spot home for NI followed shortly by our U23 whippet Jared. Jared clearly showing that there is science behind letting the wind carry you the start line. Jonny Scott and Adam Cunningham had a storming 2nd lap to fly past the Welsh dragons who had ran out of fire, whilst I was stuck in reverse and pushing for tail runner of the ladie’s race

Our ladies’ team were stuck to each other like glue and finished almost entirely together which was more than enough to claim the bronze

The men unfortunately just missed out on bronze but didn’t leave empty handed! Jonny was perplexed and delighted to be asked to swap a pair of Scottish lady’s trousers for some of his NI kit. Almost dropping his bags like lightning to reveal his boxers, he had to rein himself in when she confirmed she wanted a hoody and not a straight swap

A great day’s craic and signs we can hit that podium on the regular next season. Well done troops!!!

Report by Ryan Simpson

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