British Championship Rnd – Donard Challenge – Entries now open

On the 29th of March 2014 two hundred and fifty men and women, young and old, set off into the mist on a date with destiny. The clag on the hill that day was so dominant it had already claimed an entire mountain range. How could mere mortals armed only with beanie hats and mars bars defeat it’s might?

The answer came screaming in the wind from villages for miles around as locals, and visitors a like, lost their battle with direction ending up as vest clad oddities in front gardens across the Kingdom of Mourne.

Fast forward three years later and Jon Krakauer is still writing a book about the incident. Before it is published we are going to give the fell running nation one last chance to rewrite history. To that end we invite you to take on the Donard Challenge one more time. Dare you return in 2017?

ENTRIES.  Enter at on our ONLINE ENTRY SYSTEM. £12.00 per-entry by 26th March, a list of race entries will be published on the NIMRA web site. Fee includes light refreshment, showers, car parking, use of Sportident (Si) race management/results system. All Si cards are provided and pre-logged onto the system; no personal Si cards can be used. Substitutions are not allowed.

Route Description can be found here

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