Silent Valley – Race not for the feint hearted

Gavin Bland(Borrowdale FR) and Helen Fines (Calder Valley FR) were the winners of the opening race of the British Championship at Silent Valley in the Mournes.

Top runners from across Britain and Ireland were competing in the 10 mile event which climbed 3 peaks in a circuit from Silent Valley.

Bland, from the famous Bland fell running dynasty in the Lake District, was in the lead as he charged off Slieve Binnian. The 41 year old former flomax buy online British Champion was back in top form as he crossed Ben Crom Dam, with 3 times Ben Nevis race winner Finlay Wild (Lochaber AC), Karl Grey (Calder Valley FR) and double British Champion Rob Jebb (Bingley Harriers) chasing hard.

Helen Fines was going really strong at Ben Crom and was well up among the men with a good lead over her challengers.

Bland and Wild had a close battle around the second part of the course climbing Doan and Slievenaglogh. The Lake District Shepherd held his advantage, sprinting over the line to take the honours 1-43-00 and signaled his return to the very top competitive level.

Wild chased him right to the line and finished 8 seconds adrift with Robb Jebb a gallant  third in 1-43-51. Gray took fourth 10 seconds behind, with former British over 40 champion Lloyd Taggart (Dark Peak FR) and 2011 British Champion Morgan Donnelly (Borrowdale FR) completing the top six.

NI champion Stephen Cunningham (Mourne Runners) was up among the top runners in an excellent 10th place, Jonny Steede (Ballymena Runners) also having a great run to finish just 2 places behind in 12th, with Deon Mc Neilly (Newcastle AC), now in the over 50 category, third local, well up the field in 35th overall.

Helen Finnes ran out an impressive winner in the women’s race clocking 2-01-14 as Jasmin Paris (Carnethy HR) ran strongly over the second half to finish just 35 seconds behind. With Charlotte Morgan third and Helen Banner 4th the Carnethy club dominating the womans team race, as Shona Robertson (Shettleston Harriers) 5th ahead of British championship Lauren Jerka ( T Harriers).

Dianne Wilson (Dromore AC) was top local in 21st one place ahead of Shilleen O’Kane (Lagan Valley AC) with Violet Linton (LVO) next in 26th.

Borrowdale FR were winners of the mens team competition with Calder Vslley top over 40 mens team.

The full results can be found on the results page, photos in the gallery and here is a video of the first climb –

Team Results are below:

LadiesF_PlaceOverallMembersTimesCatClubTeam Points
1245Jasmin Paris02:01:49FOCarnethy
347Charlotte Morgan02:04:36FOCarnethy
455Helen Bonsor02:08:30FOCarnethy9
2667Lauren Jeska02:12:34FOTodmorden Harriers
1586Sarah May02:19:02FOTodmorden Harriers
1896Gemma Ford02:21:07FOTodmorden Harriers39
31078Mel Price02:15:47F40Mercia Fell Runners
1691Anna Bartlett02:19:52F40Mercia Fell Runners
1999Sarah Ridgway02:22:03FOMercia Fell Runners45
4142Helen Fines02:01:14FOCalder Valley Fell Runners
769Jo Waites02:12:50F40Calder Valley Fell Runners
42166Sharon Godsman03:11:32F40Calder Valley Fell Runners50
51281Astrid Gibbs02:15:52FOAmbleside AC
1793Lou Roberts02:20:32F40Ambleside AC
29135Annie Conway02:38:58FOAmbleside AC58
620101Gill Myers02:22:23F50Wharfedale Harriers
23115Rachel Hill02:29:16F40Wharfedale Harriers
25118Kirsty Hall02:32:37FOWharfedale Harriers68
71484Jean Brown02:17:12F40Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
32139Wendy Dodds02:45:44F60Clayton-le-Moors Harriers
38157Katy Thompson03:05:20F50Clayton-le-Moors Harriers84
Men Vets Teams
111Gavin Bland01:43:00M40Borrowdale
46Morgan Donnelly01:46:43M40Borrowdale
57Jim Davies01:47:05M40Borrowdale
816Mark Roberts01:52:05M50Borrowdale18
224Karl Gray01:44:09M40Calder Valley Fell Runners
918James Logue01:52:42M40Calder Valley Fell Runners
1329Shaun Godsman01:56:25M40Calder Valley Fell Runners
2454Andy Thorpe02:08:00M40Calder Valley Fell Runners48
31944Martin Cliffe02:01:48M40Eryri Harriers
2660Jonathan Moore02:10:39M40Eryri Harriers
2865Adam Haynes02:12:17M50Eryri Harriers
3688Dylan Wynn-Jones02:19:36M40Eryri Harriers109
435Lloyd Taggart01:44:24M40Dark Peak Fell Runners
2251Stephen Pyke02:07:32M40Dark Peak Fell Runners
44103Greg Rimmer02:24:08M50Dark Peak Fell Runners
48108Keith G. Holmes02:26:07M50Dark Peak Fell Runners117
51019Stewart Whitlie01:52:59M50Carnethy
1636Adrian Davis01:59:37M50Carnethy
3890Simon Titmuss02:19:43M40Carnethy
76154John Blair-Fish02:58:17M60Carnethy140
63071Malcolm Fowler02:14:09M50Cheshire Hill Racers
3585David Keeling02:18:45M50Cheshire Hill Racers
45104Tom McGaff02:24:16M50Cheshire Hill Racers
53114Vincent A. Booth02:28:59M40Cheshire Hill Racers163
71535Deon McNeilly01:59:15M50Newcastle AC
43102Eugene McCann02:22:39M50Newcastle AC
49109Barry Wells02:27:23M50Newcastle AC
60124Mark King02:34:58M50Newcastle AC167
8714Pete Vale01:51:51M40Mercia Fell Runners
3992Glen Davies02:20:05M50Mercia Fell Runners
46106Paul Cadman02:25:48M40Mercia Fell Runners
82163Ross Powell03:09:34M50Mercia Fell Runners174
91841Clive Bailey02:00:54M40Mourne Runners
52113Cecil McCullough02:28:32M50Mourne Runners
64128Stewart Cunningham02:35:51M60Mourne Runners
74150Willie John Brown02:56:20M60Mourne Runners208
104197Jim Brown02:21:19M50BARF
65130Gareth McKeown02:36:33M50BARF
79159David Ewart03:05:52M40BARF
87171Clarke Campbell03:28:52M40BARF272
111Gavin Bland01:43:00M40Borrowdale
66Morgan Donnelly01:46:43M40Borrowdale
77Jim Davies01:47:05M40Borrowdale
1616Mark Roberts01:52:05M50Borrowdale
2222Paul Cornforth01:53:53M50Borrowdale52
244Karl Gray01:44:09M40Calder Valley Fell Runners
1313Tim Ellis01:51:40MOCalder Valley Fell Runners
1717Ben Mounsey01:52:19MOCalder Valley Fell Runners
1818James Logue01:52:42M40Calder Valley Fell Runners
2929Shaun Godsman01:56:25M40Calder Valley Fell Runners81
399Tom Gibbs01:47:37M40Ambleside AC
1515Ben Abdelnoor01:51:59MOAmbleside AC
2020Todd Oates01:53:05MOAmbleside AC
3737Paul Tierney02:00:16MOAmbleside AC
3939Chris Stirling02:00:37MOAmbleside AC120
41919Stewart Whitlie01:52:59M50Carnethy
2121Paul Faulkner01:53:11MOCarnethy
2727Andrew Fallas01:55:32MOCarnethy
3232Iain Whiteside01:57:10MOCarnethy
3333Michael Reid01:58:06MOCarnethy132
52424Richard Roberts01:54:42MOEryri Harriers
2525Matthew Roberts01:55:19MOEryri Harriers
3030Sam Smith01:56:49MOEryri Harriers
3838Matthew Fortes02:00:20MOEryri Harriers
4343John Rowley02:01:41MOEryri Harriers159
61010Stephen Cunningham01:48:25MOMourne Runners
4141Clive Bailey02:00:54M40Mourne Runners
5863William Marks02:11:13MOMourne Runners
8098Colm McAlinden02:21:48MOMourne Runners
91113Cecil McCullough02:28:32M50Mourne Runners200
755Lloyd Taggart01:44:24M40Dark Peak Fell Runners
4851Stephen Pyke02:07:32M40Dark Peak Fell Runners
5357Robert Little02:10:00MODark Peak Fell Runners
5458Matthew Hulley02:10:14MODark Peak Fell Runners
83103Greg Rimmer02:24:08M50Dark Peak Fell Runners243
81414Pete Vale01:51:51M40Mercia Fell Runners
5761Huw Davies02:10:46MJMercia Fell Runners
7692Glen Davies02:20:05M50Mercia Fell Runners
85106Paul Cadman02:25:48M40Mercia Fell Runners
123163Ross Powell03:09:34M50Mercia Fell Runners355
93535Deon McNeilly01:59:15M50Newcastle AC
82102Eugene McCann02:22:39M50Newcastle AC
88109Barry Wells02:27:23M50Newcastle AC
99124Mark King02:34:58M50Newcastle AC
114149Laurence Hamilton02:51:59M40Newcastle AC418
106371Malcolm Fowler02:14:09M50Cheshire Hill Racers
7185David Keeling02:18:45M50Cheshire Hill Racers
84104Tom McGaff02:24:16M50Cheshire Hill Racers
92114Vincent A. Booth02:28:59M40Cheshire Hill Racers
124164Andy Watts03:09:50M60Cheshire Hill Racers434
116877Gareth Boreland02:15:45MOBARF
7997Jim Brown02:21:19M50BARF
104130Gareth McKeown02:36:33M50BARF
120159David Ewart03:05:52M40BARF
129171Clarke Campbell03:28:52M40BARF500

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