Ulster Championship 2024

Together NIMRA & IMRA are staging a provincial Ulster Championship for this season. This will be a 5 race series (with 3 races to qualify) spread across the province.

All the races (except Carnaween) are also in the NIMRA championship so the overlapping allows you to compete in both. However you must be a paid up member of both NIMRA and IMRA separately for this to happen, again before the first race so deadline is Friday 8th March 2024. The Ulster Championship races are below:

Sat 9th March: Glenariff Spud Run (Antrim)

Sun 16th June: Flagstaff To Carlingford (Armagh/Louth)

Sat 29th June: Mullaghcarn Giant Race (Tyrone)

Sat 6th July: Carnaween (Donegal)

Sat 24th August: The Two Towers (Down)

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